welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

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for short just call me effa . getting older every 25 january . im just an ordinary girl . always make myself weirdo and freaky . i hate backstabber . so better u shut up fuck off your mouth bitchy ! hey ! not you lah !

05 January 2011

chapter 47

haters make me famous ? yayy i love that ! hmm . start from today , i dont want to have any enemy . so , if you hate me , i dont know what to say ! i dont care lah . thats your feeling . not mine ! i have a new mission in this new year ! hmm . i dont want to be a part of them . who ? you lahh ! but not riot ! hmm sorry to say , im tired to talkin' about people out there . so better i make my own business ! i hope you will do the same thing ! am i ruined your life ! hmm . there must be something you have done to me ryte ? hm whatever lah ! ow okay . dont get involve in my business ! i dont ask you to do that  ! hmm . please dont mess my mind ! enough is enough ! make your own life ! its much better than being a stupid or busybody person . am i ryte ? thats a lot of things to do okay bucuk bacin ! is it clear ! okay ! i want to say sorry for everybody who know me . tengs for everything expecially to my boo , lan , adek , wan , shrek and idan ! you're the best thing thats ever been mine ! yayy ! i love you guys so much !