welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

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for short just call me effa . getting older every 25 january . im just an ordinary girl . always make myself weirdo and freaky . i hate backstabber . so better u shut up fuck off your mouth bitchy ! hey ! not you lah !

21 December 2010

chapter 31

this is what we called friendship . someone who ready to help us when we had to face a hard situation .at the same time , he will make us laugh and laugh . i want to share this story . he is the only one my adopted lil brother . if u ask me why i always give him more attention , this is the answer . because he always beside me when i feel the sadness . and he is my box of secret . hey , hey , hey . dont get angry or jelousy oke ! he is better than my real lil brother . much better ! hm . he is a kinda boy . HAHA . cute enough . and always laughing . actually i miss badly his laughing . hey , i love the way you sulking and teasing . i hope you'll never regret . and the most important is , i'll always appreciate what you've done for me start from the begin . we love this song * mine * . am i right adik ? HAHA . i may not perfect as your adopt sis , but i love you so much till my last breath . i promise boy i swear . i'll never leave you !
                yes ! you lah that im talking about ; alim * adek *