welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

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for short just call me effa . getting older every 25 january . im just an ordinary girl . always make myself weirdo and freaky . i hate backstabber . so better u shut up fuck off your mouth bitchy ! hey ! not you lah !

19 December 2010

chapter 25

yay ! ade mamat kat FB nih annoying sangad . rase mcm nk sepak² and tumbok² muke dy sebab dy nih show off . bajet BIEBER . what the F man ! rase nk remove jeh dy dari friend list ! go to hell lah fucker ! dy nk hine² orang . hey stalker , before you start to pointing your fingers at us , make sure your hand clean first oke . one day aku da xtahan sangat dengan status dy , so i decide nk buad status menyindir dy yg berbunyi " dont make me slap you with my flip flop " . erghh . agaknye dy terase kot . and start from that , dy teros xbg status yg menyakitkan hati .seriously you just like mak bedah jande anak seblas dude . and i hate your nose . your face also not same with bieber . E and U . please lah jgn nak megah sgt . and bajet show off all of your things . totally disgusted . DAMN MAN . naah ! aku harap kau bace blog aku nih oke . and aku teringin nk tunjuk FUCK kat dahi kau . well , ill do it idiot ! just wait oke .

P / S ; sape makan cili terase lah pedasnye .;)