welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

welcome to my blog . give some respect okay♥

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for short just call me effa . getting older every 25 january . im just an ordinary girl . always make myself weirdo and freaky . i hate backstabber . so better u shut up fuck off your mouth bitchy ! hey ! not you lah !

18 December 2010

chapter 24

7 months ago , he add me at myspace . then we chat . before that , i always saw him at the school . i didnt notice that he always looked at me . so , i'll just ignore him because i know boys always flirting and sometimes they're just joking . after  a few day chattin' with him , he ask my number phone . so , i decide to give him . start from that day , we always texting but no calling . HAHA . im such an insane girl when i tell to myBFF about him . im so happy to know him .a few weeks , he didnt text or call me . if he did it maybe rarely . one day , i found that he already has a girlfriend .i saw he dated with his girlfriend at bakery cafe . well i dont really  care actually because he is my friend =) . 
as day goes by , he still didn't text me . maybe he happy with his girlfriend , i thougt . while i always busy with my dance . one day , i met and ask him about his number . just wanted to know that he still used his old number or not . suddenly , i ask his number phone . then he give it to me . text as usually and one day he admitted that he loves me and wish me to be his girlfriend ! OMG ! i cant believe it . at the fuckin' time , i dont know what to say so ill just accept it . i'll never expected that he will be mine . because at the beginning , we're just act like a couple because i want to make my friend , tyra get jelous . i dont expected that he said im cared about him . HAHA 
a few day together , im bored with him . and 15 july i've got to go to dance competition . so he is my partner . start from that day , i totally fall in love with him . and officially i fall in love with him on 15th july 2010 . er . i can say im so happy to be his girlfriend . plus , he can accepted all mybad attitudes include my fuckin' nose and legs . HAHA . he make me shining and always laugh , laugh and laugh with his stupid jokes . well , i hope our relationship longer till my last breath . seriously i cant live without you . ilysm sygg
i talked about you lah muhammad hazim